THE initial thought is to blame teens (Reckless drivers trash Springburn Park in act of ‘mindless vandalism’, Friday) but I have seen adults do this as well.

Mark Richard Barnett

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WE received many comments on our Facebook page regarding Friday’s frontpage exclusive on a major police probe to crack down on ‘boy racers’ in the city centre. Here’s a selection...

NOT just a city centre issue. Big problem everywhere.

Janice Bestow

THEY want to come to Shawlands and catch the ones we have here as well.

If and when they are caught, seize and crush their cars before they kill someone!

Dawn Armstrong

TRY policing Drumchapel Road at night and the weekends late on when the boy racers are running about here.

Lex G K Finnigan

DURING a lockdown? This should have happened long before now.

Glen Ferguson

THEY should also be stopping cyclists and skateboarders on the pavement.

An accident waiting to happen for years, also makes a mockery of social distancing.

Allan Brown

OUR story on the mum of Queen’s Park murder victim, Moira Jones, sharing her private diary in a TV documentary, sparked many comments...

SO terrible. I lived in the South Side a minute’s walk from her flat and walked my dog in that park every day and have thought about her every time.

We used to lay a flower at Moira’s secret stone. May she rest in peace. Love to her family.

Rhona Macqueen

I THINK of Moira every time I pass her flat and the park, so, so sad.

Annette Brown

A BRAVE and wonderful courageous lady. May Moira rest in eternal peace.

Jean McKay McGregor

MY heart goes out to you after losing your beautiful daughter in such a terrible manner.

You’re a brave mum.

Eleanor Dahlstrom

I WILL never forget this. Thoughts and prayers with the family. Totally heartbreaking.

Denise Hay

I THINK about this poor girl all the time when I pass Queen’s Park and her flat because I think how close she was to her home and safety.

Carrie McDougall

THAT’S so heartbreaking, I will never forget Moira and what happened to her.

I’ve never been in that park since that happened it gives me the chills just even passing it.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Frances MacKinnon

ABOUT time something was done about these people breaking all the rules (Police and councils given new powers to break up parties and shut pubs, Glasgow Times online).

None of us like what is happening but if we want to get rid of it for good, we all must do everything we can to prevent it spreading.

Joyce Murray

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THESE new powers should have happened sooner.

Karen Dougan

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