Fans have finally been given a sneak peek into the newest adaptation of Batman after the trailer was released. 

Glasgow lovers of the Caped Crusader were especially excited to spot a clip filmed in the city.

In February of this year, Glasgow itself became Gotham City as filming took place in the East End of the city. 

Glaswegians flocked to the Necropolis for a first look at the new film

And fans believe they spotted the Glasgow landmark in the trailer. 

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Glasgow Times:

One social media user believes the location is perfect for the gothic theme of the new adaptation featuring Robert Pattinson. 

She wrote: "The Batman looks amazing. Incredible cast, visually stunning, bad guy getting beaten to a pulp and "I'm vengeance". I love the voice.

"I love the suit. I got excited to see recognisable bits of Glasgow. The Necropolis is so gothic, it's perfect. Paul Dano is gonna be terrifying."

Another person wrote: "I actually did a big breathy gasp when I saw that shot of the Glasgow Necropolis looking majestic in the #Batman trailer. MA BIT! 5 minutes doon the road! #DCFanDome"

During the filming earlier this year a hilarious video captured a stuntman coming to a slippery stop on the cobbled road by the Necropolis. 

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