THIS letter is written to the Glasgow Times hopefully to obtain full and honest justice in connection with elderly pensioners attached to all Scottish retirement homes, plus housing and care homes, plus OAP care homes, who during the Covid-19 pandemic were dumped out of hospitals while suffering from the Covid-19 virus to return to their care and retirement homes.

And not through their fault, but through the fault of the Scottish Government, in particular,SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and health minister Jeane freeman – also Scottish hospitals, professors and doctors who were all totally responsible for the tens of hundreds of deaths in these care homes by knowingly returning Covid-19 fully infected residents back into their homes. These professionals knew it would spread quickly to other residents.

And never once did all these professionals remove these sick Covid-19 residents but ignored these people, which spread the deadly virus throughout care homes and caused many unnecessary horrible deaths of many OAPs.

Have Nicola Sturgeon or her health minister Jeane Freeman or professors or doctors taken responsibility and removed themselves voluntarily? You must be having a laugh. They all remain in their jobs and take the stand. We know no evil, we see no evil, and most of all, we do no evil. It is now about time they resigned in mass and start to think about OAPs they sent to their suffering deaths, plus hundreds of pensioners who lived in fearful isolation behind closed doors for many long months which caused many residents to suffer mental conditions which will never leave them.

What these so-called professionals seem to have in their make-up is “we are known as professionals and in all walks of life we can and will not take any blame for anything or anyone”. But that quote is complete and utter rubbish.

The elderly and care home residents were certainly the forgotten human beings in this pandemic, so now is the time for change. All pensioners attached to these homes should receive £10,000 dead or alive, as we want compensation to take a long holiday with our families while having no money worries.

Name and address supplied

GREAT to see Waverley sailing again (Waverley paddle steamer cruises on Clyde, August 22). Enjoyed watching a man with an oil can lubricating the piston shafts in the engine room when on board as a child – still fascinated umpteen years later!

Carl Cater