AN anti-racist mural commissioned by young people in Govanhill was vandalised just 20 hours after it was completed.

Members of Govanhill Youth Club have spoken of being "devastated" after the artwork in support of the Black Lives Matter movement was defaced.

But the group said the mindless vandalism has made them more determined to speak out against racism.

Angela Christie, who set up the youth club in February 2019, spotted the graffiti when taking a neighbour along to Carfin Street to show off the artwork.

Instead she found someone had spray painted white scribbles over the mural.

Angela, who works with colleague Annie Reid at the young project, said: "I saw one of our young people and they asked me 'Why would somebody do that?'

"I told them, it's somebody uneducated, somebody who doesn't want to learn.

"This happening so soon makes me afraid.

Glasgow Times:

"I'm afraid in case that's the first one of more to come and it will be an ongoing battle - not that it matters because we will always fix it.

"We are allies of the Black Lives Matter movement and that is not going to change."

Angela said the youth group was approached by the artist Rachel Dallas who asked if the Govanhill group, which has supported around 100 young people in the area and has 15 core members, would like to get involved in the project to create the mural.

The artwork, at the junction with Cathcart Road, was painted by mural artist and designer King Listy.

It is based on a poster designed by one of the youth group young people and support the Black Lives Matter campaign, which fights violence and racism against black people.

Angela said: "Our young people don't see race as an issue, it's adults who do, so we want them to keep what they know alive - that race doesn't matter.

"When we were approached by Rachel we thought it would be a great thing for them to be involved in.

"But then for someone to spray paint over it... we were devastated and sickened.

Glasgow Times:

"It is frustrating because then this negative thing gets publicity when we wanted this to be a positive thing for the community.

"Racism is a problem in Govanhill and I wish we could involve people with racist views in some kind of conversation, set up a meeting to explain to them the impact of racism because they clearly don't think it's a problem.

"Govanhill is so multi-cultural and beautiful. Our young people are leading the change so it will get better, hopefully.

"This won't stop them."