THEY should have been made to wear them from the start as shops and public transport have to wear them and more so when they are not social distancing in schools (Secondary pupils may need to wear face coverings in school corridors, Glasgow Times online).

Betty McCormick

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READERS had plenty to say on our Facebook page after we asked if they were worried about the rising number of cases. Here’s a selection of comments...

HERE in Germany there are again 1000 to 1500 new cases per day.

The government is discussing tougher measures, but I don’t think much will be done.

There are mostly younger people who become infected and the deaths are currently close to zero. Good luck for you all.

Regina Schulz

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NO deaths, patients receiving hospital treatment falling and virtually no-one receiving intensive care treatment... so, no.

Stay safe, be sensible and we can go about our business as normal as possible.

Alistair Ward

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YES as I think my daughter at four has caught it and I’m feeling a bit run down.

No tests available either – what a joke. Fourteen days of isolation without knowing if we do or not.

Kara Baker

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NO! We’ve had no deaths for nearly two months. A small percentage of the population in hospital and our economy shattered.

Gary Kilpatrick

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ANYTHING which makes walking and cycling easier and more accessible is a good thing (Bid to transform land owned by Glasgow School of Art into cycle path and walkway, Glasgow Times online). Ultimately we need proper cycle lanes and a reduction in the amount of traffic using the city centre unnecessarily.

Jill Ferguson

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I AM not condoning this kind of behaviour but I can understand why it is happening (Govan Councillor urges residents to report fly tipping at Plantation Park, Glasgow Times online).

I am currently in the process of hacksawing a double bed frame and mattress into bits that will fit into my wheelie bin.

The council wanted nearly £40 to collect it.

They need to abolish uplift charges and allow company vans into municipal sites.

That would go a long way to prevent instances such as this.

Mark Blanshard

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