THREE businesses in East Dunbartonshire have been granted permission to change their operations by the local licensing board.

Bearsden Convenience Store, located on Roman Road, has been given the go-ahead to introduce off-sales until 8pm.

The proprietors say this will be in the form of products not sold by other vendors in the area, such as Islay gins and specialist whiskies, in order to attract additional customers.

The shop will introduce these lines next year after carrying out a refit expected to cost in the region of £30,000.

Sales will be conducted on a strict Challenge 25 basis.

Staff will receive additional training before the off-sales commence and security at the premises is also good as it already operates as a sub post office.

Nonna’s Kitchen, an Italian restaurant in Kirkintilloch’s Cowgate, sought an extension to the hours in which it can sell alcohol on a Saturday until 1am and also to have children in the bar area (which is actually primarily used for dining with the bar separate) until 10pm instead of 8pm.

Given the restaurant is well established and satisfied by reassurances from the applicant, the board agreed unanimously to allow both changes on the proviso that no children are on the premises after 10pm.

Stewart House in Milngavie’s Stewart Street, which caters almost exclusively for private functions, applied for extended weekend hours, permission to conduct off-sales between 11am and 10pm, and permission to host gaming-related events such as charity race nights. This application was granted as requested.