A GLASGOW carer supporting adults with severe learning disabilities is demonstrating how the social services workforce has dealt with the challenges of COVID-19.

It’s part of the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) campaign to raise awareness of the life changing work employees do throughout the city and across Scotland.

They are highlighting inspiring care stories about workers who have gone the extra mile to support people using their services as well as each other.

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Colette, who supports adults in shared supported living accommodation, has shared how decorating brightened the day of a person she cares for.

She said: “I work for Fair Deal, Glasgow, supporting three adults with severe learning disabilities in shared supported living accommodation.

“I’ve worked here for around five years but have been in the care sector for over 20 years and can honestly say I love my job.

“'During lockdown one of the people I care for, ‘Brian’, (not his real name) chose to spend more time in his room watching films as he enjoys the peace and his own space.

“His bedroom was looking tired, so I had an idea of painting the walls a different colour and changing the decor to make it more inviting and comfortable for him. When I suggested it to him, he was delighted.

“He chose the paint colour (teal), the matching lampshades, bedding, curtains, blinds and pictures. My co-worker and I bought everything online and we got to work.

“Even ‘Brian’ got involved with some painting and supplying the chocolate. He thoroughly enjoyed being part of the whole process and when everything was finished, he was a very happy man and very proud to show off his new room to everyone.”

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This is just one of 70 stories gathered from all types of social services.

A spokeswoman from the SSSC said: “This is the second phase of our Inspiring Care Stories campaign which show how the social service workforce has faced and dealt with the challenges of COVID-19 and gone the extra mile to support people using services and each other.

“The latest stories feature a number from workers who have had amazing support from colleagues and highlight just how important that’s been in delivering the best possible levels of care.”