THERE’S nothing to make you realise how few culinary skills you possess like the closure of every restaurant in the country.

Since March, takeaways have become my salvation.

In fact, it’s safe to say, I’m ordering out more now than I ever was before and the reason why is fairly simple.

I cannot cook. At all. 

My attempt at making spaghetti a few days ago resulted in a melted utensil and pot damaged beyond repair.

So, when my partner suggested a takeaway last week, it was music to my ears. 

Living in the South Side means I have an array of wonderful choices on my doorstep, however, I opted to try somewhere I had never eaten before: Figo’s Peri Peri.

Since Nando’s came about, chicken has had a real resurgence as the “it” dish of the moment, which can make for quite tedious dining.

So, I was quite excited to try the Kilmarnock Road restaurant’s take.

I opted for the Figo’s Wrapster – peri peri strps in a tortilla wrap with salad and peri mayonnaise – for £4.

My partner went for the Figo’s Special Burger – peri peri chicken with grilled halloumi, lettuce, garlic mayonnaise and chilli jam in a brioche bun – for £5.50. 

We included a portion of mozzarella sticks and cheesy garlic peri fries – chips with chilli, garlic and herb chicken topped with melted cheese and garlic mayonnaise, for £2.50 and £5.50 respectively.

The sides were perfect. Simple, yes, but tasty, nonetheless. 

This place is a little spicier than Nando’s – although the heat scale remains pretty similar – so I was a little taken aback at just how big a punch the fries packed. 

My partner raved about his burger, which he insisted wasn’t as good as his go-to Nando’s pitta but, he rated it an overall success.

The only downside was the wrap.  There was more sauce than chicken and the meat hidden inside the wrap wasn’t the best quality. 

After a few difficult bites trying to tear a piece off, I gave up and declared the “to share” sides as my own. 

All in all, it was good enough. Cheap and cheerful – coming in at under £20 – and the restaurant’s app used to order was straightforward.

It might not have been fine dining, but if your options are scraping welded pasta from the pot or a bit of tough meat without any dishes, it’ll win every time!