Plans are being drawn up to link Partick with Govan into one ‘urban district’ with a new bridge over the River Clyde at the heart of the idea.

The council wants to create a cross river district of connected but distinct neighbourhoods on either side of the Clyde.

It will focus on connecting the two areas between the Riverside Museum on the north of the river and Govan Old Parish Church and Water Row on the south, linking historic and cultural attractions.

It is hoped that in better connecting the two neighbourhoods it will lead to more business and economic opportunities.

A council report states: “It is expected that by 2030, Govan - Partick will be recognised as an urban district of well-connected but distinct neighbourhoods, providing a very high quality of life, creating a context for nationally significant economic development and a narrowing of social inequalities.

“The area will be recognised as a leading Innovation District, surrounded by a growing economic cluster that contributes to inclusive growth and the building of an attractive place for people to live and work in.

“The forthcoming Partick - Govan bridge will act as a stimulus for a new cultural quarter between the Riverside Museum and historic buildings such as Govan Old and the Pearce Institute, and the social and economic potential of the area will also be unlocked through improvements to streets, spaces and the active travel network, as well as the development of key regeneration sites.

Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “The River Clyde is, arguably, Glasgow’s greatest physical asset and, for too long, the city hasn’t used it as well or as often as it could have.

“This framework will ensure that the council can work with its partners to bring the river back to the place it deserves in our economic, social and cultural lives.

“Equally, the framework linking Govan and Partick will best shape how the significant development taking place there now and in the near future can benefit as many people as possible in these historic Glasgow communities.”

The Partick-Govan plan is the central part of a wider Riverside project.