Nicola Sturgeon has hinted that action could be taken in Glasgow if case numbers continue to rise.

The First Minister says the “situation is causing us some concern.”

Glasgow would not be the first area to enter local lockdown - Aberdeen was the scene of the country's first reimposition of restrictions after the number of cases in Aberdeen City rose to 54 in 24 hours on August 5.

But in Glasgow, 66 cases have been recorded overnight - this is more than ten more than Aberdeen had recorded when Ms Sturgeon announced heightened restrictions in the area.

There are thoughts the area could follow the same route as Aberdeen.

Here's what happened in Aberdeen when they entered a partial lockdown, and what could potentially happen in the next local lockdown.

Pubs and restaurants close

Hospitality venues in Aberdeen were ordered to close within five hours of the lockdown announcement being made.

The restrictions included both indoor and outdoor venues.

Guidance for Aberdeen stated that restaurants within hotels could remain open, but only to provide food for residents already staying at the premises.


Much like the beginning of the Scotland-wide lockdown. a travel limit of five miles was introduced.

This meant that people living in the Aberdeen area could not travel more than five miles for leisure purposes in order to limit the spread.

However, people in Aberdeen could still travel further if required for work purposes.

In addition, Scots were told they should avoid travelling to Aberdeen.

Anyone visiting Aberdeen at the time the restrictions were put in place was told they did not have to return early.


People in Aberdeen were told they should not be meeting family and friends inside houses.

Extended household groups could continue to meet, but Scots were reminded that those in those situations should only involve one other adult, who is living on their own.