GLASWEGIANS have reacted to the announcement of new lockdown restrictions in the city.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned those living in Glasgow, West Dunbartonshire, and East Renfrewshire that they will not be able to visit other households from midnight. The restrictions also mean you cannot host people from other households in your home following a rise in cases in the local authority areas.

The news is one which has not been welcomed by some of those living in the affected areas.

Glasgow Times:

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LA Leeallen said: "Is she mental? Pubs and restaurants open but you can’t visit family or friends."

Liz Donlevy Cleghorn continued: "What a load of b***ocks. Who's going to police it? Get over yourself. How long will she be allowed to drag this out and make an a**e of herself?"

Sandra McColl said: "Nonsense but everyone’s going to work, going to school, gyms are open, pubs etc.

"She’s blaming this on house parties, not the fact that everyone’s literally back to normal and this was always going to happen because the virus has not gone away. It’s really getting silly now."

Audrey Kerr Russell said: "Absolute nonsense. Oh let's see we can go to the pub and mix with strangers but not your family. It's absolutely outrageous."

Jim Stevenson warned the new restrictions will 'not be observed'. He said: "So I can't visit my family but I can sit on a First Bus where very few people wear masks or keep their distance. Go to shops - again lack of masks, pubs, restaurants - the same again. This will not be observed."

Glasgow Times:

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Joanne Easton, however, urged people to continue with observing social distancing measures.

She argued: "People are forgetting that you still need to maintain social distancing from friends and family. People are idiots. People are told over and over again.

"People are idiots hence these measures. Get a grip everyone, some of us are running out of time to spend with our loved ones. Follow the rules. Don't be idiots."

Craig Wilson Mellstrom added: "Just do as you are told if you want to get back to normal then do what they told you what to do."

Grant Sloan backed Nicola Sturgeon's measures saying: "Good show First Minister. Keep up the good work and the death toll down."

Margaret Gibson added: "Was just a matter of time."

Louise Stewart continued: "Don't worry, it's just guidance. You can still see your mums."

Mary Durham queried: "What happens if your child needs to go to a childminder for you to go to your work?"

Linda Downie added: "It's getting all out of proportion, is it not? How do we know the real statistics. Is it just the government scare mongering again to get votes? 

"Who can do better than one another I've been to work all way through this."