FOR all the many words us drivers mutter on any given day, “thanks” must score highly on the list – maybe even top it.

All good drivers – and we are all good drivers! – should be accompanied throughout a shift by their Ps and Qs (that’s pleases and thank yous, by the way, not be confused with going for a pee and seeing a queue – a driver’s nightmare!).

I like to thank every passenger for their custom at the end of each hire, but even some good, basic manners at the start can set the tone for a more pleasant journey.

Clearly it extends both ways – if we do our job well, then we’ll usually be thanked for it.

Of course, the ultimate for many is a thank you in the form of a tip, but all good tips should be earned – outstanding customer service, going the extra mile (sometimes literally) or saving the day.

Regardless, when you are on the road for hours on end, it’s amazing how these little verbal thank yous and niceties can make a big difference to your mood. And that’s just the ones you are there to hear and enjoy.

What really is an instant mood-changer is when you get a thank you didn’t expect, often in writing, for a difference you didn’t even know you had made.

Take my colleague Paul for example – here’s a note he received, via our base, just last week.

(I’ve removed a few personal details).


Today was my first time getting a taxi in about five months. I have quite bad anxiety so with the pandemic going on, I was very nervous. My taxi driver on my way home was Paul (reg number XXXX YYY) and he took the time to explain everything that Glasgow Taxis is doing to safeguard its staff and customers. He explained the taxi sanitisation process and really put my mind at ease. He didn’t have to do this, but he did and it’s made me feel a lot less anxious about using taxis in future.

Thanks for continuing to provide an excellent service despite the current circumstances.

Best wishes,

Customer Name

Isn’t that just lovely? The fact that Paul settled this customer and alleviated his anxiety, probably without even knowing it. And for the customer to take the time to send such a lovely note – that’s a wee boost, not only for Paul, but for all of us on the ranks.

So we’ll keep saying thanks – and will continue to enjoy it when we hear it back or read it back too.

Stay safe!