THE city’s first new all-day diner designed specifically with COVID-19 in mind will open its doors on Monday.

Tina Marchetti, operations director of Canteen 58 in the Merchant City, explained that fixed tables placed at one-metre intervals had been installed specifically because of social distancing rules, “to allow visitors to be able to eat, drink and be merry, safely.”

Tina said: “We believe efficiency is key now more than ever, people don't want long wait times - which is why we're investing in the right software to allow customers to click and collect and also order from their table.

“We cater for everyone, no matter what their dietary requirements are. Kindness comes first.”

The diner, which will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner on canteen-style trays, is the result of a six-figure transformation on the site of Ingram Wynd, which closed during lockdown along with its sister restaurant Esca.

Its ‘urban botanical interior’, complete with six-metre neon sign, has been brought to life by a team of Glaswegian designers and craftspeople including award-winning architect Mark Brunjes, the man behind the interiors of city institutions Paesano, The Anchor Line and The Atlantic.

Artist Ranald MacColl painted and distressed the walls and pillars, while bespoke chairs, tables and hanging planters, as well as a custom-made gantry, were built by Andy McDonald from Retrometal.

Tina said: “We’re all-inclusive and have challenged ourselves to create a vibrant, chilled environment that translates well throughout the day - a destination where everyone, whether a carnivore or a vegan, a southsider or a westender, can come together once again for delicious food as the city comes back to life.”

She added: “We can’t wait to meet our new customers, whether they’re popping in for a takeaway coffee and pastry, sitting for an extended lunch hour or bedding in for a third cocktail and some small plates at night.”

All suppliers, including family-run butchers C&C Meats and fishmongers Bernard Corrigan are firmly rooted in Glasgow. The Canteen will also provide a platform for the city’s talented independent artisan makers and bakers to sell their produce.

The venue will open at 7.30am on Monday (September 7).