AIRDRIE, North Lanarkshire. A town known for its mining past, fierce rivalry with neighbouring Coatbridge, and as the birthplace of the Wee Prime Minister. 

It’s also home to a surprising number of excellent eateries and an increasingly varied culinary palate at odds with its working class past. 

For me, it’s also where you’ll find some of the finest burger restaurants in the whole of Central Scotland, so let’s just say the bosses at Glasgow Times towers didn’t have to twist my arm when they asked if I’d be interested in putting 400 words next to a free meal. 

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Normally, my fiancee and I would opt for Burger Seven, a relatively new but increasingly popular takeaway offering combos that wouldn’t be out of place in Trump voting states. 

A hot dog stuffed with even more meat? Why not have two, Burger Seven suggests. You know what would go well with your double cheese burger? Belgian Waffles coated in syrup worth the two-day heartburn alone. 

But, seeing as we’d been given a rare opportunity to splash someone else’s cash, we boldly took the decision to try somewhere new. 

There we were, scrolling through Just Eat with all the enthusiasm of a council worker at Christmas, when Adam's and it’s American Diner looks popped on the screen. Burgers? Hot dogs? Churros? Count us in. 

I opted for the Juicy Lucy; a curiously named burger which promised more cheese than the pockets of a Swiss banker. My fiancee kept things more grounded and went with a Crispy Chicken burger. 

We ordered just before 6pm on a Thursday and the food arrived in plenty of time to say goodbye to John McKay.

Glasgow Times:

Wonderfully packed – if that’s your thing – and warm enough to savour but not to send your tongue into a fit, it was clear Adams cared about their product. 

My burger delivered on its promise alright, the cheese dripping off my beard by the time I had scoffed it down .

Tender meat, a bun with a bang, and a delicate blend of flavours; perfection. 

My fiancee didn’t mince her words: “The best chicken burger in Airdrie,” she proudly declared, the sauce still perched on her chin. 

The chips did the job, without being anything special, and the fizzy pop – just call it juice, lads – tasted exactly as one would expect Pepsi Max to.

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The piece de resistance? The churros. I can only ever remember having them on a fleeting trip to Barcelona but I am sure these were just as good. 

All in all, a wonderful find then and proof, if more was needed, that Airdrie is the place to be if you want a fine burger.