THE City of Glasgow College is taking a green step forward after investing in equipment that will allow them to compost 26 tonnes of food waste per year, on site.

The A900 Rocket Composter will allow the college to process its own food waste at source.

It will also reduce the twin site super campus’s carbon emissions – omitting the need for weekly food waste disposal truck visits, which previously collected the material.

Fergal McCauley, head of facilities management at the college, said: “Prior to being able to compost on site, we always sent our food wastes for AD to be recovered.

"But with the Rocket Composter, we’re going one step higher up in the Waste Hierarchy and recycling them on site, allowing us to autonomously reduce our carbon footprint, as well as our expenditure on disposal trucks.”

The new process will see food waste collected by staff in the on-campus kitchens then processed through their de-watering system, before the substance is fed into the composter to create a nutritious compost resource, in 14 days.

The equipment will be operated by both staff and students.

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