REMEMBER when you’d pick up a sheep’s heid from the butcher’s for your grandpa, pop in to Woolies for plastic sandals and get your fish from a van?

Younger readers can be forgiven for looking appalled at the first example, but as Robert McKenna explains, this was perfectly acceptable back in the day.

“There was a Galloway’s butcher at the corner of Howard Street and Stockwell street, and my Granny would send me there to get massive duck eggs, tripe and a sheep’s head – my Granda’s favourite foods,” he says.

Glasgow Times:

“It was handy having the old fish market in the Briggait, not forgetting Paddy’s Market and Alice Smith’s restaurant to serve takeaway dinners. Those were the days.”

Robert was inspired to get in touch by our recent feature on old Glasgow shops.

In fact, we have been inundated with lovely memories from readers recalling their favourites – why don’t you share yours? Email your stories and photos to or write to Ann Fotheringham, Glasgow Times, 125 Fullarton Drive, Glasgow East Investment Park, Glasgow G32 8FG.

Glasgow Times:

On our website, Ned Kelly lamented the loss of Woolworths and its ‘plastic sandals’, while Tommy Hannah was sad about the closure of Wood and Selby, a drapery store near St George’s Cross, eventually acquired by House of Fraser.

Robert McKenna also remembers Cochrane’s on Saltmarket.

“Cochrane’s was a big name in grocery,” he says. “The shop was always busy, famous for Cochrane’s tea. Wullie the chargehand used to splash the butter on your face when he patted it - he got a laugh with this.”