EMPLOYEES at two key community centres in Yoker could lose their jobs after they failed to secure funding from the council’s community fund.

The decision, which means that Yoker Resource Centre (YRC) and Peterson Park Hall may miss out on vital funding, will be decided at the North West Sector Partnership on September 11.

Local councillor Michael Cullen is supporting local residents who want to save these centres and is looking to the community for inspiration.

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He said: “They are two centres within an area with high deprivation. The YRC hosted the 13/14 community coronavirus hub was base during lockdown.

" I am concerned about the human impact this is going to have.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to see other community groups receive financial support and I am looking forward to seeing what they can do with it but these centres have been here for a long time.

“YRC and Peterson Park Hall do a lot for the local community. During lockdown YRC helped the elderly who were isolating and vulnerable families access food.

“They were key during the Covid crisis for identifying people in need. I don’t think the council is thinking about the human cost here.”

Mr Cullen is now encouraging the community to take action in a way they best see fit and says he will support their decision 100 per cent.

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He continued: “Local residents are now coming to me and asking what they can do to support these centres. They want to speak to the members of the City Administration Committee and demand answers.

“This is not as big as the citywide campaign to save the CABs but it is important locally and that needs to be recognised.

“These places mean something to us. I am going to support my community and work with them. What will happen when their employees lose their jobs at the end of September?

“I want to know what the community wants to do about this and fight to save them. This is too big an issue not to oppose.”