A Glasgow woman has revealed the chaotic scenes seen onboard the Waverley during its crash with Brodrick Pier. 

The paddle steamer crashed in the Isle of Arran around 5.28pm on Thursday, injuring 24 people. 

Karen Mulligan from Glasgow suffered minor injuries in the collision, Clyde 1 reports. 

She described people rushing to help after the ship came to a crushing halt. 

It is understood 213 passengers and 26 crew member were on board the Waverley. 

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Ms Mulligan told Clyde 1: "We were enjoying the last few minutes of what had been a great day.

"As I was walking down the stairs I slipped and fell, and to start with I thought I was being clumsy. Then people on the chairs on the deck below started falling over, and people who were standing up just fell.

"People were just running around trying to see who was okay and help people back up. And then the crew started coming out and making sure everyone was okay.

"There was one man who fell off his chair and couldn't get up. There was a doctor on board who came over and put his arm in a sling and said it was broken.

"There was also a few people who were still lying on the ground on the deck when we were allowed to disembark."