A video of a Baillieston girl has gone viral after she did not shy away from saying what she really thinks about the Glasgow lockdown. 

"Social butterfly" Freya Philips is ecstatic by the success of the video about her outrage following the cancellation of her sleepover. 

The five-year-old girl with a "big character" brought joy to thousands with her speech addressing the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. 

"I'll no be cancelling my sleepover with Ceci, ya wee witch," Freya said in the video. 

Her mum, Stephanie Rowe, told the Glasgow Times the video is meant in good fun. 

She said: "Nicola Sturgeon is a cracking lady. Freya could not tell you who Nicola Sturgeon is but she knows she is the one who put restrictions on the house to house visits."

Glasgow Times:

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The sleepover, which was planned for this weekend, has been put on hold following the ban on visits to other households in Glasgow announced this week. 

But Freya was devastated after the plans which were six weeks in the making fell through.

Stephanie added: "She has been buzzing out of the box to be with her friends again.

"She is gutted but it is more the social aspect. She has been stuck in the house since February."

But her mum said the girl as been "comical since she was young" and the video was not meant to be taken seriously. 

"Anything that can bring light to the situation or a smile to people’s face is worth it,” the mum of two said. 

And the girl with a big character has embraced her path to fame with her mum said: "She thinks she is one of the new generation of Kardashian’s at the moment."