An anti-racism protest is set to take place in Glasgow this afternoon following the tragic deaths of Mercy Baguma and Adnan Olbeh.

Activists will gather at the Buchanan Steps from 3pm this Sunday to stand against the injustices which made 2020 "a very dark year for refugees in Glasgow". 

Organised by Stand Up To Racism, the demonstration comes after asylum seeker Mercy Baguma was found dead next to her malnourished child in  Glasgow flat in August. 

Asylum seeker Adnan Olbeh, 31, was found dead in a Glasgow hotel in May after refugees were moved into hotels as part of the pandemic response by the Home Office. 

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A statement from Stand Up to Racism said: “2020 has been a very dark year for refugees in Glasgow having to cope with the pandemic and the further imposition of the racist hostile environment.

“Forced into hotels by the UK Government's accommodation provider Mears and left penniless, given inedible food and now being targeted by fascist thugs invading their hotels.

“All this after the tragic unexplained deaths of asylum seekers Adnan Olbeh and Mercy Baguma and the horrors of the West Park Hotel incident.     

“The Home Office has repeatedly demonstrated that not only is it unable to keep refugees safe but actively places them in harm's way, either directly with the hostile environment and illegal detention policies or via callous profit-driven private contractors.

“It's good that Nicola Sturgeon has denounced the hostile environment and described the UK asylum and immigration policy as 'broken'.

“But we think we must now go further.”

It continues: 

“Join us and demand that the Scottish Government and Parliament step in now and break the immigration laws when necessary to protect the human rights of asylum seekers.

“It must ensure no one is left destitute without recourse to public funds or left in unsafe or unfit for human habitation accommodation.

“2020 has also been a year of tragedy for black and ethnic minority communities in the UK and the USA with disproportionate deaths from Covid-19 due to the economic and cultural effects of racism, and the horrific filmed shootings of George Floyd and Jacob Blake.

“The inspiring cross community world wide ongoing demonstrations in response to demand that Black Lives Matter and to demand the defunding of the racist police forces responsible must continue and lead to real and lasting justice.

“Black lives are also at huge risk in the Mediterranean and the Channel where refugees on flimsy rubber dinghies fleeing wars the UK has waged, or torture and persecution, are being denied life saving assistance by the European and UK authorities.

“Support our demand that the UK and Europe respect and honour the UN convention on refugees and help end the avoidable slaughter of the innocent crossing the sea to seek protection.

“Black lives must matter from Minnesota to the Mediterranean from Calais to Clydeside.

"Join us on Sunday to demand lasting justice and to say it loud and proud: Black Lives Matter."

Protesters are asked to wear a face-covering and to respect social distancing.