THE numbers of face masks, and latex gloves strewn along the streets of our towns and cities is nothing short of disgusting (Litter louts slammed as dog raced to vet after swallowing discarded mask, Glasgow Times Online).

There’s no excuses for the mess people leave behind them.

I carry my litter picker everywhere I go and ensure that the litter I come across goes where it belongs – in a bin!

It’s not a case of doing the council’s job for them.

It’s basic Civic Pride, and knowing that the areas I live and socialise in are kept as tidy as I’d expect them to be. Don’t complain about the problem – be part of the solution

Jill Ferguson

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TO all those correspondents taking the usual pot shots at Nicola Sturgeon and her Government over the recent restrictions introduced due to the increase in transmission and identified as occurring in households, the reason pubs were not closed is because the transmission was not identified as starting there.

If people would actually read the reasons behind these decisions instead of just jumping on a bandwagon.

The people who refuse to wear masks and think it’s okay to have large household parties are the real reason we are having these restrictions, not the Scottish Government, which has a responsibility for public health whether you like it or not.



ON Thursday night at teatime I was heading home and passed under the Hielanman’s Umbrella at Argyle Street and what I saw was a scene of mayhem and mischief with the police trying to deal with the usual drunks, drug abusers and dealers.

Two vans and horses were in attendance with four policemen.

Across the road were homeless people. Goodness knows what tourists think of our fair city as they go for an evening walk.

No doubt they retreat to the safety of their hotel and vow never to return. Meanwhile, the council is promoting a mobile van for dispensing of needles for addicts and filling city centre hotels with addicts close to their suppliers. Pity the demise of the place and lack of support for businesses and tourism.

Bill Love


I WAS just reading in the Glasgow Times about patients being told to attend outpatient appointments that are apparently going ahead as planned.

My husband and I came home from a weekend away to find letters cancelling both our future appointments due to Covid. I’d like to know where these appointments are going ahead as planned.

J Johnston

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