Coronavirus restrictions on home visits in the west of Scotland have been expanded to include Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire after a continued rise in cases.

Nicola Sturgeon announced 146 new cases have been recorded in Scotland in the last 24-hour period – including 78 in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS area.

Here's what you need to know:

Where are lockdown restrictions in place? 

The restrictions have been extended in residents in West Dunbartonshire, the City of Glasgow and East Renfrewshire.

If anyone in these areas is showing symptoms then everyone in the household should self-isolate for two weeks.

All non-essential indoor visits to care homes and hospitals are also now suspended in the above areas, although outdoor visits to care homes can continue.

When will the restrictions come into force and how long could they last?

Nicola Sturgeon has said restrictions will come into force from midnight tonight.

The measures will be reviewed in a week's time.

Glasgow Times:

Can I visit people from other households?

No. The restrictions mean that you can no longer visit other people's homes.

However, some exceptions will apply, including emergencies, caring for vulnerable people or people in ‘extended households’.

Households who have formed an extended household and people providing care and support – for example caring for an elderly family member or delivering shopping - can continue to meet indoors with enhanced hygiene measures in place.

Can I meet people in my outdoors?

Members of different households can continue to meet outdoors, including in gardens, and in hospitality settings, provided all existing guidance is followed.

Can I still go to the pub?

Yes, the announcement is only for visiting homes. However, Nicola Sturgeon did warn that "lose attention will be paid over next few week to hospitality".

Will schools and nurseries stay open?

Yes, schools and nurseries will remain open.

Can I still travel to Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire?

These local restrictions do not affect travel in or out of the affected areas, providing the guidance on mixing with other households in their home is followed.

If you are already in the affected area visiting family or on holiday then they do not need to leave, but you should follow the recommendations in this guidance and take extra care when returning home.

If you are planning to use self-catering accommodation in unaffected areas with different households from affected areas, you should not do so.

Can I visit someone in the hospital?

Indoors visits to hospitals should be limited to protect the most vulnerable.

Visits to hospitals in affected areas and by residents of affected areas to other hospitals, is restricted to essential visits only.

Visits are limited to a birth partner during childbirth, a person receiving end of life care, accompanying a child and when providing support someone with a mental health issue such as dementia, a learning disability or autism.

Can I visit a carehome?

You can make outdoor visits to friends and family in care homes, but there should be a maximum of 3 people from no more than two households.

Essential indoor visits in care homes, can continue.

Can I still get married and go to funerals?

No changes have been made to the operation of places of worship, however this will remain under review as work is undertaken to control the outbreak.

Marriages and civil partnerships held indoors in private dwellings should not take place at the moment.

Marriages and civil partnerships outdoors or in indoor public spaces can continue to take place, in line with the general restriction that no more than 20 should attend.

What did Nicola Sturgeon say exactly?

Nicola Sturgeon said:

"Regrettable but necessary in light of sharply rising numbers that restrictions on indoor household gatherings require to be continued for a further week in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire and West Dunbartonshire, and extended to Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire.

"Our public health advice is that the most significant - though not the only - driver of transmission continues to be household gatherings, large and small. And it is in these gatherings, rather than pubs, that older & more vulnerable people may be at greater risk of infection.

"However, close attention will be paid over next few week to hospitality and, in the meantime, the councils involved will step up engagement and, if necessary, enforcement to ensure rules being complied with.

"So, if you live in Glasgow City, East or Wwest Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire or Renfrewshire council areas, please don’t have others visit you at home and don’t visit other households in any part of Scotland. If we comply with this, hopefully further restrictions can be avoided.

"For people across Scotland, please follow #FACTS & stick to the household limits. Cases are rising across UK and while we are not yet seeing a significant rise in hospital cases and deaths, this may just be a matter of time. We must work hard to keep COVID under control."