IT would be nice to see the prices drop to the same price as in European countries (Bid launched to make public transport in Glasgow free, Monday).

The transport system across the UK is a joke.

Allan Kavanagh

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NO, nothing in life is free, this would just be paid for with tax funds.

Why should the taxpayer

fund this vanity project when there is so much other stuff needing funded by the public purse?

If you use public transport then you pay for it, simple. Just like those that don’t

use it have to pay to run our cars.

This has to be the worst idea I have ever heard in my life.

Albert J Stirling

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THE correspondent who had a bad experience with the so-called anti-sanctions protesters in Glasgow was right to describe them as maniacs.

I actually think they must be a section of the flat earth society.

Millions have suffered from this virus either directly or indirectly, so for them to call blatantly for an end to restrictions, social distancing and wearing masks is so outrageous and sickening.

These characters really need to take a good look at themselves as their actions are putting so many people, including their own families, in serious danger.



THEY must have saved a fortune by massively reducing their services but still raking in millions from council tax (Council counts cost of Covid as income plummets due to impact of lockdown, Monday).

Sort it yourselves and don’t dare burden the already ripped-off council tax payers.

Billy Jo

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THAT’S the excuses in now for a massive hike in council tax and parking charges in Glasgow.

Andy Kerr

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THE problem is there is no respect for police now (Police bosses urged to survey ‘undervalued’ staff, Monday).

If one happens to get assaulted while carrying out their job the courts give them a slap in the wrist naughty boy, don’t do that again. Give the police a break, they’re doing a thankless job.

Isabel Agnew

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