A PERVERT who thought he was talking online with a 14-year-old girl was snared by vigilantes posing as delivery drivers

Fayadh Ismail told the decoy that he would love to have sex with a little girl last May.

The 39-year-old also sent graphic images of adults from his home in Glasgow’s Thornliebank area.

The vigilantes were unable to track him down as they only had his phone number and city.

But they rang the number pretending to have a delivery for him which led to his capture which was streamed on Facebook.

Ismail, a first offender, pleaded guilty to attempting to cause a child to view a sexual image.

He also admitted attempting to communicate indecently with a child.

The court heard the pair first communicated using the Waplog app and continued their chat on WhatsApp.

The decoy told Ismail that she was 14 while Ismail said he was 25 before asking the youngster if she was married.

Prosecutor Cheryl Lyons told the court the pair discussed sex and Ismail asked for pictures of her.

Miss Lyons said: “The chat became more sexualised and he said ‘I love to have sex with a little girl, open the video to see my penis’.”

The decoy stopped communication after a week when the vigilantes travelled to Glasgow to confront him.

Miss Lyons said: “As they didn’t know the accused’s address, they phoned his mobile number under the pretence of being delivery personnel at which time the accused provided his address to them.”

Ismail was confronted at his home where he lives with his partner and was later arrested.

Sentence was deferred until the end of the month by Sheriff Ian Fleming who continued Ismail’s bail meantime.