A DEVOTED daughter has made her dying mum's wish come true... by holding her wedding in the hospital where she is a patient.

In a tearjerking surprise, Elizabeth Bridgewater was asked to give her daughter Nicole away at a surprise ceremony in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Nicole and her fiancé of four years, James, tied the knot after the bride's sister, Lisa, made an appeal on Clyde 1 radio.

Listeners rallied round to ensure the last minute ceremony was a fitting tribute to the couple.

Glasgow Times:

Lisa said: “We were told my mum was unlikely to make it through the next few weeks and she had mentioned that she would love to see James and Nicole get married after a four-year engagement.

"My sister and James were just happy getting married and making my mum’s wish come true, but I was determined to give them the day they deserve.”

Nicole and James, both 30, had been caring for Elizabeth since her diagnosis in 2018, before she was eventually taken into hospital a month ago where she has remained.

Glasgow Times:

Lisa, who suffers from ill-health added: “Part of the reason their engagement was so long is because the couple were so busy looking after my mum, me and anyone else who needed it.

“Nicole and James are the most caring and selfless people and would do anything for anyone, especially my mum.

"So as soon as Nicole and I had the idea to surprise mum with a last-minute wedding in the hospital sanctuary, I knew I had to do everything in my power to make sure their day was special.

“I decided to email George and Cassi as I like to listen to them in the mornings and I knew they, and the listeners of Clyde 1 would do what they could to help me in my mission.

Glasgow Times:

“I was completely blown away by the response. I’d only hoped we could get a cake and my sister’s hair done, but in the end we had everything from spray tans, to a chauffeur driven limousine all day and even some wonderful gifts.

"It was so heart-warming hearing the response from people we’d never even met, and Nicole and James were truly touched.

“The wedding was beautiful.

"Nicole surprised my mum in her hospital room in her full wedding dress asking her to walk her down the aisle.

Glasgow Times:

"At first my mum thought we were kidding on, but when she realised what was happening, she was over the moon and has been on cloud nine ever since.

“We’d like to thank every single person who made the day what it was. From the last minute humanist I found on my Facebook page, to the nurses and everyone who donated, gifted and sent well wishes – it meant more than you can imagine.

Glasgow Times:

“Mum has been a lot spritelier since the wedding which we are hoping means we have her around for a bit longer than previously expected.

"She even stood up for a picture with the whole family despite not having been able to stand for the past six weeks.”

Nicole and James are also still coming to terms with their day on Saturday.

Glasgow Times:

Nicole said: “I would have got married in jeans and been happy curling my own hair if it wasn’t for the kindness of strangers who made my wedding day so remarkable.

“My hair and make- up were done and pulling up in a limousine made me feel like a real princess. I can’t thank everyone enough.”

George, presenter of Bowie@Breakfast, said: “As soon as Lisa made her plea, the phone lines just lit up and didn’t stop ringing.

"I’m so honoured that we were a part of this occasion and could help make it the day the whole family deserved."