Glaswegians have reacted to pubs bars across the city remaining open after the First Minister announced an extension onto the localised lockdown today.

Under the restrictions, it is currently prohibited for people in Glasgow to host others in their homes or visit other households. 

Pubs and restaurants have however, remained open. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced today this will be subject for review as the Scottish Government continues to "closely" monitor outbreaks at hospitality venues. 

Coronavirus Glasgow: Pubs to remain open under 'close review' as lockdown restrictions extended

The First Minister outlined that indoor gatherings continue to be the main cause behind a spike in COVID-19 cases across the region. 

She said: "Some transmission, we know, is taking place in pubs and restaurants and so we will keep that under close review. 

“We will discuss with the five local authorities what further steps we can take to ensure pubs, bars and restaurants are operating within the rules.

"In doing that, we’ll seek to learn lessons from the work that Environmental Health officers did in Aberdeen before pubs and bars were able to reopen there."

Glaswegians have been vocal about the announcement - with a significant majority calling for boozers to close.

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David Hood said: "It’s either a lockdown or it’s not. They are playing at it and it gets worse by the day."

"If people wish to consume alcohol they can do so at home. I understand that would impact people's jobs and business. However, health and safety must come first", said Rhys McCole.

Tracy Lymburn said: "Shut then down ffs really."

Catherine Lee said: "Something has to change. Can’t go on letting numbers rise every day. If peoploe can’t make good decisions then they get made for them."

"Close them", said Sharon Kirstie. 

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Meanwhile, a small number of people called for Scottish airports to close instead. 

Rose Davy Ralston said: "Pubs are following government guidelines...not like all house parties..should have been total shutdown from start...shut airports."

Caroline Kaney said: "Shut pubs and stop flying."

"Close all airports that's the problem", said Yvonne Thomson.

Sanda Hogg Macphee added: "Close them all in whole of Scotland."

Concerns were raised about jobs and the local economy if the bars were to close. 

Berty Smith said: "If there's another lockdown then shops and pubs won't survive and more people will lose their jobs"

Kim Smith said: "No if we keep opening and closing things people won’t have job!"

Jim Well said: "How many sheeple will have too lose there homes and livelihood until they wake up and see there is many things wrong with all of the nonsense."