A SOCIAL media influencer and a star of BBC The Social who should have been in quarantine after a French holiday appeared to be breaking self-isolation rules.

Mandy Rose Jones enjoyed a holiday in Paris last week but seemed to decide that the quarantine rules were not for her and posted pictures of her in a hairdresser and a boutique clothes shop.

Glasgow Times:

Ms Jones denied breaking quarantine rules and claimed that the pictures were from before her holiday.

She gave no evidence of this and some of her followers on social media were angered by the impression given by the posts.

One of Ms Jones’s social media followers, who was alarmed after seeing her posts, said: “The rules are there for a reason and we have all had six months to get used to this new normal which is ample time but people like Mandy think the rules don’t apply to them.

“Rules aren’t suggestions though.

“They are very clear that when returning from France to protect public health you quarantine for 14 days.

“She obviously knew that as she posted publicly she was going into quarantine but then posted publicly videos of her breaking it.

Glasgow Times:

“Her actions just seem either really selfish or really idiotic.”

Another furious social media fan said: “Mandy presents herself as an influencer online but appears to take no responsibility towards acting or behaving as a suitable role model for what we are all experiencing.

“It is a car crash. She has complete control over what she wants to post but given she documented her full holiday, including attending late night parties with no social distancing and then within days of returning she is visiting and tagging herself in hairdressers is either naive, stupid or calculated.

“Given she’s already been in the newspaper for breaking lockdown before, these individuals who live their lives so publicly don’t seem to care or accept responsibility for their own actions.

“There is a complete lack of respect for the rules we all have to follow yet they still want attention and admiration from social media. “She shouldn’t be surprised that her followers who see her breaking the rules are disappointed and even angered by the way in which is putting other people at risk."

Scottish government rules currently require those returning from France to not leave their homes other than to buy basic necessities if it is not possible to have them delivered.

The 30-year-old self-styled self-help guru recently featured in a documentary with the TV presenter and former model Gail Porter and is the founder of the Empowered Women’s Group on social media.

Glasgow Times:

Ms Jones posted to her Twitter account on her return from France on Saturday, August 29: “Home today and then into isolation for 14 days! Was worth it for a few days in such a beautiful city. [French flag emoji]”

On Monday, a friend of hers tweeted that she was meeting Ms Jones for a coffee.

Glasgow Times:

Tagging Ms Jones’ pornographic Twitter alter ego, her friend wrote: “On my way to meet @fay_annabelle for a coffee and long overdue catch-up.”

Faye Annabelle is Ms Jones’ name on OnlyFans, a website which allows viewers to pay pornstars directly and request bespoke content.

A picture posted to her Instagram story on Wednesday, September 4 shows Ms Jones posing for a photograph at Blow Colour Bar.

Glasgow Times:

After her jaunt across the Channel, Ms Jones also showed off a Mochino skirt from Ruby Woo in Shawlands. In a picture posted to Instagram, she thanked staff in the company’s Shawlands branch.

Ms Jones has a considerable platform, highlighting issues such as porn addiction and catcalling on BBC The Social and was mentioned in the Scottish Parliament in March last year, congratulated by the SNP’s Shona Robison for her campaign to stop celebrities endorsing dangerous diets.

Glasgow Times:

The Scottish Sun revealed in June as Scotland was still in the height of lockdown that four stars of the Social had met up for an indoor dinner party. Ms Jones apologised to the paper and said her friends were rallying to support her mental health.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “We are absolutely clear: anyone coming to Scotland from France must quarantine for 14 days.

“Where there are concerns reported about breaches of self-isolation requirements, we have given Police Scotland the powers to investigate and, where appropriate issue a Fixed Penalty Notice.”