FRUSTRATED Pollokshields residents have slammed Glasgow Life for removing posters designed to show how much their local library means to them.

Funding losses at the city's culture and leisure services mean Pollokshields Library is one of many centres not yet reopened following the coronavirus lockdown.

Susan Aitken has now clarified there are no plans to close any Glasgow libraries.

But bosses had remained tight lipped on the issue - causing concern that Pollokshields, Govanhill and Langside may shut.

In response, locals in Pollokshields designed signs to hang outside their local hub - but these keep being removed by library staff.

Resident Katherine Mackinnon said: "I obviously can't speak to the reasons other folk put them up but, for me, I put a banner up because I was concerned for the future of our extremely well-used and beloved library.

"And I wanted to demonstrate how much it means to me and to so many people in the area.

Glasgow Times:

"I understand the libraries have to reopen at a careful pace, but when you see a schedule for libraries reopening and Pollokshields - and other local libraries in the South Side - isn't on it it's understandable that you start to worry they keep it shut for so long that the building falls into disrepair.

"And before you know it it's being sold off for flats.

"It's also just such a bad look for Glasgow Life to keep taking down these very positive and beautiful messages about the power of libraries, books and public services."

One sign, which was removed, read "Reading is Hope" while another said "Our libraries belong to our communities".

Local councillor Jon Molyneux said: "People's outpouring of support for libraries has been really inspiring.

"Glasgow Life is under huge pressure financially and it's disappointing they don't seem to want people rallying to their cause. I've asked for an explanation why they have removed these banners.

Glasgow Times:

"When the council meets on Thursday, I'll be asking the chair of Glasgow Life for an update on efforts to secure extra funding.

"I hope he will have good news for everyone in Pollokshields, and other neighbourhoods, who want to know when their local libraries will reopen."

A spokesman for Glasgow Life said: “We try to support requests to have banners displayed on railings at venues where appropriate.

"In this case no request had been made so they were removed.

"However we are happy to discuss a request from local people as we know how valued and loved Glasgow Libraries are.”