IT’S been some week or so for Glasgow – one step forward, two steps back. Just as we seemed to be easing out of lockdown, we were given a reminder that we are not out of the woods yet – not by a long shot.

For as long as this virus remains a threat, the numbers of cases will continue to ebb and flow and, with that, the way we need to live our lives remains entirely in the lap of the Covid gods.

There are a range of views on the politics of all this among our fleet – this column won’t go near that, even that with a two-metre barge pole!

What we can all do is continue to follow the rules, reduce the risks and collectively help people enjoy as normal a life as is possible right now.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the make-up of the good old taxi – separated, sanitised and safe – which can help you get from A to B with as little risk as is possible. Don’t just take our word for it – following the letter of thanks we received last week, here’s another nice note which recently landed with Glasgow Taxis (from TV programme makers):

‘On behalf of the team, I would also like to thank Glasgow Taxis for the support that you have provided us during filming. We received excellent service from your telephone operators and your drivers. Furthermore, it was particularly reassuring for our contestants and crew members that Glasgow Taxis has implemented the Separated, Sanitised and Safe policy, so please pass on our gratitude to the rest of the staff members.’

Another cracking read and reminder that the small things we can all do can make a big difference to the peace of mind and confidence of people who still need to go about their daily work, around the limitations of the rules and restrictions.

We’re here to help and make people’s lives easier and will continue to do that. Taxis are sometimes even referred to as the fourth emergency service and while that may feel like a bit of a leap to some, it feels very accurate for certain jobs!

That said, there is nothing quite like the work the real emergency services are doing right now. Which is why today’s Emergency Services Day is worth a nod. The day starts at 9am-9am on the 9th of the 9th, get it? 9/9/9 – and is designed to promote the services, educate the public and encourage volunteering. It’s also a chance to say thanks – and this year that thanks is due more than ever.

So while it’s nice for us to receive these thank yous, we’re just as happy to dish them out.

Here’s to the work of emergency services across Glasgow in 2020. Thank you – and stay safe!