A public health expert has warned there could be social unrest as support for lockdown regulations declines.

Professor Linda Bauld, professor of public health at Edinburgh University said the government in Scotland had a greater level of support than elsewhere in the UK but warned that support was falling.

Prof Bauld said: “Public support is going to be an ongoing issue.”

She was giving evidence tot eh Scottish Parliament Covid-19 committee on extending the emergency coronavirus legislation.

Prof Bauld said: “It’s crystal clear that public support for the government approach in Scotland is higher that in England and other parts of the UK. That’s been the case from early in the pandemic."

However she added it was on a “downward gradient”.

She said:  "But public support is declining in recent months across the UK."

She said: “I’m very, very concerned about the next few months and the potential for unrest.

"We are seeing it globally around the world with groups spreading misinformation  gathering to spread distrust and distaste in the message and the guidance. We are going to have to be very careful.

“History shows that following a pandemic there’s social unrest.”

She said support was lower among men and younger people but that was normal in analysing risk behaviour.