THE NUMBER of people turning to Glasgow North West Citizens Advice Bureau (GNWCAB) for financial support has almost doubled since the beginning of Covid-19.

GNWCAB, which is situated on Maryhill Road, has supported more than 2500 clients since the start of lockdown helping them secure £1.7 million in total through debt advice and benefit claims.

During financial year 2019/2020 they helped 1500 individuals and 630 families living below the £7,300 Scottish poverty line and 3000 people in total.

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Yvonne, a 25-year-old living in the West End, lost her job due to Covid19 just one month after moving to Scotland with her partner. She said: “I moved in March with my partner and we both had the promise of a job. Within a month I was unemployed, I had missed the furlough deadline, and was rejected for a benefits claim.”

Yvonne whose family are from Glasgow but grew up in Ireland, looked up the Irish Citizens Advice and found out she was legally entitled to combine her Job Seekers Allowance benefit. She turned to her new local CAB for help.

GNWCAB works in postcodes G1-G23, some areas of which see one in three children living in poverty.

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Rob Gallagher, CEO of GNWCAB, said: “We support some of the most vulnerable people in Scotland, working in places where income and health inequality are at their highest.

"GNWCAB is grateful to our funders including The Robertson Trust and Glasgow City Council for enabling us to continue supporting over 6,000 clients this year however, we are working harder by the day against a backdrop of austerity and funding cuts.”

If you need support or advice, please contact Glasgow North West Citizens Advice Bureau on 0141 948 0204 or visit to chat with an adviser.