CALLS to demolish the Talisman pub have been renewed.

The dangerous eyesore on Balgrayhill Road burnt down 25 years ago and has lain derelict ever since, despite repeated pleas for its demolition.

A Balornock man has reignited the fight to have the pub torn down, fearing it will take an injury or death on the site for the council to move.

Brian Burns, 67, said: “The community of Balgrayhill deserve better. I believe because it’s a socially deprived area that there is no sense of urgency.”

He also hit out at a photograph taken of local SNP politicians taken at the site last year.

Councillor Graham Campbell said at the time that proceedings were finally in place to tear the building down.

Brian thinks that this photo opportunity was timed to win votes ahead of December’s election and that these words were “empty rhetoric”.

Efforts to demolish the pub are ongoing after the Our Springburn blueprint for the area but the process is tied up in legal wrangling.

Bob Doris, the SNP MSP for the area said he has chased up the council and they confirmed they were still pursuing demolition.

He added: "With the support of the local community we have kick-started a process which will finally rid Springburn of the Talisman. As co-chair of the Springburn Regeneration Forum, along with the irrepressible Helen Carrol, we secured funds and a major community-led consultation led to the publication last year of  ‘Our Springburn’, a powerful blueprint which had the demolition of the Talisman front and centre.

"Following its publication, the council instigated a process late last year seeking to demolish the Talisman. In April this year, the council reaffirmed to me that they were still pursuing the matter and confirmed the importance of our regeneration strategy. We are all disappointed and frustrated that the pandemic has delayed the process but it will not defeat it. I am determined, the community is determined  and I know fellow elected representatives are absolutely committed to finally see the back of the Talisman."

Anne McLaughlin MP, who was pictured outside the pub last year, has hit back saying that work is being carried out to demolish the pub, confirming this with the council in July and blaming Labour for the derelict site.

She said: “It would be unfair not to acknowledge that everything in life has been put on hold because of Covid-19 but it is happening and it’s happening because the SNP council is listening whilst the last lot treated the local community with contempt.

"That local people have had to wake up to that absolute eyesore for decades is an absolute disgrace and it’s Labour’s disgrace. What they were saying was that people there didn’t matter. Well, they do now and we will get rid of it."

SNP councillor Graham Campbell said: "I twice had council enforcement powers used to force the owner to properly fence off the derelict premises. It’s been a minor miracle that no one has died or been seriously injured in the Talisman site.

"Our constant pressure and mobilising of local communities has finally forced the owners to now apply for a demolition warrant in July 2020 and bring forward new site development proposals. None of this would be happening without the constant pressure we as SNP Councillors, MSPs and MPs have brought to bear."

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “We remain committed to working with the owners of the property and site to find a solution to its proper development – one which meets the aspirations of the local community, and we understand their frustration.”