THE Old College Bar or The Hangman’s Rest? Wyper’s or The Scotia?

And what of the Hayburn, or McGinley’s? The debate continues to rage over which pub is Glasgow’s oldest.

Ever since we ran our feature on the city’s watering hole archives, readers have been keen to tell us what they think.

Colin Irons got in touch to suggest part of the Kirk House on Shettleston Road dates from 1717, making it a contender, while Alexander Ward recalled the gas lamps that lit up the interior of his grandfather Phil Ward’s Cowcaddens pub.

Glasgow Times:

He adds: “I remember when we were children we had pint glasses of lemonade in the corner. It is a vivid memory.”

Pat McGroarty told us: “Back in the 60s, I worked part-time in the Hangman’s Rest on Wilson Street - it was widely said this was the oldest licence in Glasgow.”

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Helen Windsor had a moving story to tell from her father Philip Kelly’s memoirs.

Glasgow Times:

Philip, who served in the Merchant Navy, had written: “My favourite place was the Dolphin Hotel in Southampton and my star turn was Peggy Wyper who had been married to the Glaswegian owner of the famous Wyper’s Bar in Renfield Street.

“She was a person of great charisma and invariably finished up with us in one of the restaurants we used prior to returning on board.

Glasgow Times:

“I knew her all of my time in Southampton and when she finished up critically ill in a Shirley Hospital, I was her only visitor. I would bring her goodies from New York and a couple of the women on that Ward, being allowed one bottle of Guinness a day, saved it for my visits.”