PLANS have been submitted for an early learning and childcare centre in Hogarth Park.

Glasgow City Council wants to open the facility – for children aged between two and five – to help deliver extra free childcare.

It has identified the site, on Carntyne Road, due to the lack of suitable alternatives in the area.

A planning report states: “The Scottish Government has pledged to increase the provision of free early learning and childcare from 600 hours to 1140 hours, for all children three to five years old, as well as eligible two-year olds.

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“To deliver this 1140 expansion, Glasgow City Council is committed to providing new build early learning and childcare facilities in areas where high demand for early years places exceed existing physical capacity.”

It adds: “The data on demand and supply shows that there is a need for increased capacity in the Carntyne area.

“This site was selected due to the lack of suitable alternative sites in the locality and families in the area do not tend to want to travel outwith the locality to access early learning and childcare.”

The application, for planning permission in principle, proposes playrooms, a dining room, reception and administrative spaces. There would also be a car park and outdoor play areas.

If approved, the centre could accommodate 87 pre-school children and would be open between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Friday.

There will be no set sessions “in order to allow families to use their allocated hours more flexibly”. Pupil drop-off and collection will take place throughout the day.

The chosen site is in the south east corner of the park to minimise “the impact on the park” and to make use of the existing access road.

“This area of Hogarth Park is largely hidden from passing users and as a result of its ‘backland’ location, there are issues with anti-social behaviour,” the report states.

“The current condition of the park is in a generally poor state, made up of undulating grassed areas with a small number of surfaced paths to the west.

“By positioning the building to the south of the site and providing a gate from Carntyne Path, the proposal will improve connectivity to Hogarth Park, while minimising the impact on the publicly accessible space.

“The new nursery will provide natural surveillance throughout the day helping to make the park safer and more attractive to use.”

There would be 18 car parking spaces, including three disabled spaces, and “sheltered and secure” cycle parking.