THE idea that British Democracy is the best thing since sliced bread is a false premise.

For more than six decades I have watched as politicians have for example lied to the public, went back on their promises made to the people when trying to get elected, wasted millions of public money and engaged in illegal wars which resulted in the deaths and displacement of thousands of innocent people.

The pandemic is not the fault of any politician but the pathetic handling since the beginnings of the situation has shown the general public the calibre of today’s politicians.

Contracts have been handed to companies to assist in trying to combat the virus without being put to tender, companies who have previously failed but have attachment to certain politicians. To say nothing of the mixed messages.

We now have the ridiculous scenario of unelected persons being appointed by the Government to positions of influence over the British public, but that should come as no surprise as we in this so-called democratic country have an unelected chamber of hundreds who rule over us.

Michael Tolland


IF Boris Johnson and his government of misfits had addressed the fast-approaching threat of the coronavirus much sooner than they did, it could have been contained, even by the inadequately equipped NHS. Boris and his cabinet ignored the early signs of the virus, wrongly assuming it was not a serious threat to the country.

Prompt action by the government in the early stages of the virus would have saved many lives.

However, their failure to immediately address the virus sooner than they did was the cause the deaths. In the circumstances, this in my opinion was a serious criminal act of neglect. When it became obvious to the government that coronavirus was a serious health issue, they should have requested a postponement of the Brexit negotiations, which would have allowed them to wholly address the coronavirus threat, head on. Having refused to ask for postponement, it is obvious that Boris and his cabinet regard the coronavirus to be secondary to the Brexit negotiations.


IN all fairness Mr Swinney, you, your boss and your party will have done so much damage to the education system in Scotland it’ll take years and years of someone else’s involvement to repair it (“SQA hopeful ‘full exam diet’ to go ahead next year, John Swinney says”, September 11).

A once very well respected education system absolutely demolished by the SNP. Disgraceful.

Moonk Calder

BARONESS Davidson, who doesn’t want anyone to call her “Baroness Davidson” because it highlights the Tories’ contempt for democracy in Scotland, had a wee word in the EBC in Scotland’s ear (“BBC shouldn’t take ‘London-centric approach’ to Nicola Sturgeon briefings says Glasgow MP, September 11”). And the EBC in Scotland do what they’re told by their surrogate masters in London. Shut it down.

Stewart Campbell

THE British army have dumped more than a million tonnes of munitions all over the west coast of Scotland since the Second World War ended (“’Anti-aircraft’ autocannon bullet found in River Clyde by fisherman”, September 11).

There were live phosphorous bombs washing up in gardens in Campbeltown 25 years ago. The firth of Clyde and Irish sea is literally awash with this stuff and worse.

Alan Corrigan