A TISSUE bank is calling on people in Glasgow to become donors in a bid to tackle a range of health issues.

Tissue Solutions Ltd provides samples to help vital medical research and drug development - but it needs the support of donors.

The biobank is asking for samples of blood, skin, saliva, urine, faeces and tears to help aid critical scientific progress.

Morag McFarlane, CEO at Tissue Solutions, said: “This is an opportunity for thousands of people in and around Glasgow to become active participants in supporting the continued progress of science in Scotland and beyond.

“In the wake of Covid-19 and the race to find a cure for the virulent pandemic, I am hoping that individuals will recognise the vital role that science plays in reducing, removing or completely eradicating conditions which mentally and physically affect the human race.

“The more people we have signed up as donors, the more effective we can be in assisting the development of new drugs, by making sure that researchers can access the materials they need.”

Jamie Kane, who has previously suffered the debilitating effects of eczema, is backing the call.

The 26-year-old took to Instagram to talk openly about his condition in the hope he could help others who were also living with eczema.

He said: “The effects of eczema are widespread.

"You literally wear it on the outside for all to see, which can deeply affect your mental wellbeing.

"My own journey was a painful one in all respects.

"I took to social media as a means of ‘owning’ my condition rather than hiding behind it.

"The reaction I had was incredibly positive, which really helped me.

"I am thrilled to support this campaign and would encourage others to get involved and do their bit to help - doing something small could make a really big difference.”

Skin samples can help in the development of drugs to help eczema, psoriasis and hives while a single test tube of blood can help find the root cause of inherited diseases such as sickle cell anaemia and diabetes

A urine sample supports research into earlier detection of certain cancers while tears can support research around dry eyes and improving contact lens comfort.

A sample of saliva aids the development of new, less invasive tests to diagnose diseases such as Covid-19 quicker and easier.

The company is still looking for donors during lockdown as some samples, such as saliva, can be taken at home without a clinician and sent in the post.

Morag added: “Glaswegians are known for their generosity, so I am calling on them to take that virtue a step further and sign up.

"Becoming a donor is easy and the process for taking samples is very quick and straightforward.”

To become a donor or to find out more see: www.tissue-solutions.com/donate-samples