A family is overjoyed after Glasgow came together to find a dog swept along a river. 

Family and friends launched a desperate search after Cubby, a black cocker spaniel, was carried away in the White Cart Water yesterday. 

People scoured parks along the river in hope of finding him.

But in a happy ending, Cubby was found this morning after becoming stuck on an embankment near Holmhead Crescent. 

He was then rescued by a group of men who climbed down to reach him. 

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The cocker-spaniel is now on is way home with his overjoyed owner Amanda who initially jumped into the water to try and save the pooch.

Niki Bryden, a friend of his owner, told the Glasgow Times: "Everyone is crying happy tears and he is so grounded!

"He is on his way home with Amanda now.

"It feels like the whole of Glasgow has been looking and it is amazing. We are all so grateful to everyone that has helped."