Fraudsters are using the coronavirus test and protect scheme to try to scam people.

Nicola Sturgeon said described them as “utterly despicable” and warned people to be on their guard for bogus callers on the phone.

The First Minister said fake callers have been claiming to be from the Test and Protect and claiming payment is needed to book a test.

She said they are “truly and utterly despicable”

Ms Sturgeon said: “Covid tests are free and will always be free. Nobody from Test and Protect will ask you for financial information, bank or credit card details or try to sell you anything.

They will only ask where you have been and who you have been in contact with.”

She said you will receive a text first then a phone call and the caller will know your name.

Ms Sturgeon said they will call from the same number which is 0800 030 8012.

She said “if you have been the victim of a frau call the police on 101. If anyone asks for bank details or computer passwords put the phone down.”