Glasgow Times readers have voiced their opinions over the rule of six spying row after the First Minister said the new regulations are not about "spying on your neighbours".

It comes after UK policing minister, Kit Malthouse, urged worried neighbours and bystanders to "think about" reporting their concerns to the police if they witness groups of more than six people flouting coronavirus lockdown rules. 

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Yesterday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said we would be better served by looking at the issue with a sense of "collective solidarity" as she said the new lockdown rules aren't about "spying on your neighbours".

She said: "I and everybody who has listened to me throughout this will have formed, I hope, a very firm impression that I think we are better served by a sense of collective solidarity in this pandemic.

"We’re doing things for ourselves, our families but for each other. We can’t get through this as five million individuals, we can only get through it as a society pulling together.

"I don’t want us to see it if we can at all avoid it as spying on your neighbours, reporting your neighbours to the police, I want all of us to come at this from why we’re doing this is to protect each other and I think that has served us well so far and I think it will continue to serve us well."

She did, however outline that the police force are there to "deal" with large-scale house parties and indoor gatherings. 

Here's what Glasgow Times readers have said on the issue... 

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Jansy Donaldson said: "Absolutely NOT! Police have more important stuff to be going on with, Folk should just concentrate on keeping themselves & their families safe..... Too many "Karens" out there nowadays!"

Michelle Cameron said: "As if police don’t have enough to deal with. Definitely not, get a life."

"I would on Dominic Cummings and BoJo and his hunting pals", said Daid Mcginley.

John Bones said: "No. Glasgow is not full of grasses."

Chris Barr agreed, adding: "Not a chance most of glasgow would say if you do, you're a complete grass."

"A grass is a grass no matter what, and if found grassing, you deserve whatever comes to you", said Stephen Smith.

A large proportion of readers agreed police have "better things to do". 

Angie Baikie said: "Most definitely not, none of my business, who am I to judge. The police have enough to be getting on with. I am not paid to police idiots who think the basic rules don't apply to them."

"Police are busy and short staffed enough as it is", said Lorna McCulloch.

Jennifer Lowe said: "Absolutely NOT! Police have much more “true crime” to solve. What has happened to the community spirit of a few months ago? Let’s not have a Nanny State please. People in the whole are sensible."

Lynne James-McGonigle added: "No if people want to remain defiant let them be. Police have enough to deal with and if those that are defiant get the virus, stay away from our hospitals."

Others voiced how neighbours should be helping one another during the pandemic - as opposed to reporting each other to the police. 

"No, better things to do. Neighbours should look out for each other not grass on each other. After all, these are the neighbours that were looking out for each other in lockdown", said Aggie Patterson.

Sally Marie Moffat said: "No, never as we all needed our neighbours at the start of the pandemic."

Meanwhile, a small minority said they would report their neighbour to the police if they were seen flouting the rules. 

Michael Dolan said: "Yes. Absolutely. These idiots are putting our lives at risk. Flouting the law is irresponsible."

Aodha Mc Birnye Ritchie sad: "Hell yes these dumb a** idiots need to taught a leeson for their stupidity and putting lives at risk."