THE former leader of Glasgow Labour was among those to condemn student groups who called all police officers "b******s".

Councillor Frank McAveety hit out at Scottish Labour Students for using the term ACAB in an online message. 

This is well-known around the world as standing for “All Cops Are B******s” and was initially shared in a post about a trans pride march, in London, where activists claimed officers had unfairly intervened. 

A row erupted over the use of the language on Monday with Strathclyde University Labour Club among those to share their support for SLS' message. 

However, the party's hierarchy have since rushed to condemn the slogan. 

Councillor McAveety, who served as Glasgow Labour leader until last month, wrote: "When I think of the work done by countless Labour councillors who supported the former Strathclyde Police to make our communities safer I am astonished that the Labour Party have not taken action on those involved in using the Labour name to launch such an attack on the police." 

Glasgow Times: Frank McAveety condemned the language used Frank McAveety condemned the language used

Richard Leonard, the party's Scotland leader, joined cllr McAveety's condemnation, writing: "I utterly condemn the remarks made by Scottish Labour Students." 

The offensive message has since been deleted by SLS, who issued an apology today. 

However, some have accused Mr Leonard, a Central Scotland MSP, of being "weak" for publicly hitting out at the message. 

SLS wrote yesterday:"We are sorry our clumsy use of language obscured the real issue and apologise to our trans comrades who have our support now and always."