A GAMBLER who attempted to use counterfeit dollars at a casino later tried to pay off his son’s shop debt with the bogus cash.

Mohammed Naeem tried to gamble some of the fake $40,400 (£31,376) in February 2017.

The 57-year-old, who claims to have lost £3-4 million through gambling, was later snared and hauled before Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Naeem was convicted today trying to passing off counterfeit money as genuine.

The dad, of Bothwell, South Lanarkshire, was ordered to do 150 hours unpaid work by Sheriff Shona Gilroy.

The court heard from Naeem who said he was given the money by friend Shiraz Butt, who has since died.

Naeem went to the Fountain Park and Maybury casinos in Edinburgh where he was caught twice on the same night trying to play roulette with the forged banknotes.

Prosecutor Shona Howie told the court staff members had suspicions about the cash as it “didn’t feel right.”

Miss Howie asked Naeem why he didn't go to the police with the money after being caught.

He said: "The dollars were not mine, I got them from my friend and he was coming back and I gave them to the cash and carry."

Naeem turned up United Wholesales in Polmadie where he tried to hand over the majority of the fake cash to a receptionist.

It emerged Naeem’s son had an outstanding shop debt of £30,000.

Miss Howie said: “You turn up with just over £30,000 (of counterfeit money) - can you see why this is a bit of a coincidence?

“There was a large amount owed by your son.”

But, Naeem claimed that he had gone there hoping they would take the money for "safe keeping" before giving the cash back to Mr Butt when he came back from a holiday.

A receptionist contacted the police who later arrested Naeem.

Naeem denied during the trial knowing the money was fake at the time.