I HAVE been in quite a few shops recently and noticed that the staff are not wearing face coverings when they are out on the shop floor, e.g. stacking shelves, manning the self-service check-outs etc.

Surely due to this pandemic, they should be wearing face masks coverings to try to stop the spread of this virus?

What do other readers think of this?

H McIntosh

SO the BBC is not going to be showing the First Minister’s briefings.

Can I make a suggestion to the BBC, I repeat the BBC: pull the plug on all the repeats you continually show, or refund £1 of our licence fee for every repeat you show.

Jim tees 
Via email

AS one of the public who criticised Nicola Sturgeon for her abysmal handling of this pandemic, can I say not everybody in Scotland is as gullible as some.

The First Minister has done everything in her power to make Westminster look weak and ineffectual whilst she has done all she can to make herself the greatest thing since sliced bread. In order to maintain this facade she pursued a policy which resulted in more than 2000 deaths in care homes.

She continues to ensure Scotland is shunned by tourists and businesses due to the hatred generated by her party.

I can only hope that their Hate Crime Bill gets passed as that will ensure that at least half, if not more, of their support and members will be in jail for inciting racial hatred.

Glasgow Times: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

The Scottish economy is in the toilet, education is non-existent, the NHS has brand-new hospitals not fit for purpose but let’s discuss independence. 

The sooner decent Scots stand up to this wannabe Queen voting her and her green puppets out, the sooner Scotland will be better off.

Via email

EVERYONE who worked through Covid should get a bonus. 

The NHS staff for saving lives, the shop workers who also put their life and family’s 
life at risk, the bin men, bus drivers, taxi drivers and more – they all did their bit. 

Nicola Mcleod
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