GLASGOW Life has been slammed for “forgetting” about Penilee as residents remain in the dark over community hotspots.

Despite the charity opening 61 of its 171 venues across the city, the popular Cardonald library on Paisley Road West and the nearby Penilee Community Centre remain closed.

Furious Councillor Jim Kavanagh claimed the centre was the highest attended in Glasgow, and locals are now being left without vital services.

He told the Glasgow Times: “We were told we would probably be one of the first to open because the centre is a main base for Capability Scotland’s Junction 52 and that’s not happened.

“I’m alarmed ... I believe Penilee and the charity deserve better. The Cardonald Library, which is one of the most attended in the city, also remains closed.

“The Cardonald ward seems to be the forgotten ward.”

The Labour politician said multiple constituents had approached him regarding the reopening of the venues.

His calls come after city leaders pleaded for Glasgow Life - which is facing a £25million shortfall due to the Coronavirus pandemic - to be saved.

Glasgow City Council depute leader and chairman of the organisation David McDonald wrote to Scottish ministers in a bid to keep the charity afloat.

He told elected members a “one-off Covid-19” cash boost of £6million had been secured and a further £4.5m in income is expected to be accrued by the end of 2020.

However, opposition parties have insisted the SNP put a plan in place to ensure all Glasgow Life venues are able to fully reopen as soon as possible, guaranteeing further revenue for the charity.

Mr McDonald and council leader Susan Aitken are due to meet the cabinet secretary for culture, Fiona Hyslop, next week to discuss the situation.

It’s understood talks of “bridging” the funding gap are

ongoing between the Scottish and UK governments.

However, the Glasgow Life boss warned it’s “highly likely” services will return to normal in the near future due to the massive impact coronavirus has had on the leisure industry.

A spokesman for the organisation said: “Glasgow Life continues to work with Glasgow City Council to review and prioritise when and where more venues and services can restart.

“We hope that Capability Scotland get the required approvals to allow them to restart their daycare service at Penilee Community ­Centre in the near future.

“The phased reopening of Glasgow Life venues has tried to ensure a geographic spread across the city while ensuring people are able to visit them again safely and in

line with Scottish Government guidance.

“Already seven libraries, two Museums and pitches and gyms at six Glasgow Club venues are open to the public while more will be reopened in the coming weeks.

“Community facilities and Glasgow Club venues used by education providers re-opened in August, however some community facilities can’t accommodate current physical distancing guidance and are unable to be opened safely.”