WEST End communities will lose vital services if an immediate cash boost isn’t found, a councillor has warned.

Numerous organisations are facing a cut in funding after Glasgow City Council officials recommended they were not suitable for the Glasgow Communities Fund - which was “heavily oversubscribed”.

A £4million Transition Fund was introduced by the local authority in a bid to bridge the gap, but multiple groups fear it won’t be enough to keep them afloat.

Councillor Paul Carey said: “The Transition Fund proposals do not begin to meet what is needed to sort out the mess of the Glasgow Communities Fund.

“A handful of projects have had some of their funding restored. That’s all that has happened. It is not nearly enough.

“For example, Drumchapel Money Advice still faces an immediate cut of 30% of its funding at a time when demand for its services will soar when the furlough scheme ends. The Buddies project is also cut by 30% losing £30,000 per year.

“How can anyone suggest this is a fund for communities when the funding is being taken away from community facilities and services?”

As previously reported, dozens of organisations across the West End have shared fears for their future after being rejected for the funding.

One of the worst-hit is Drumchapel’s G15 Youth group, which has started a campaign to save the club.

Mr Carey added: “Communities are going to lose essential services and staff who have worked on through Covid lockdown are losing their jobs. That’s what this council administration is doing to the North West.

“They claim it’s to fund new services. But they don’t tell you how many they are shutting down or cutting to find the money to fund a few token new ones. Nor how much they have taken out of the overall grants budget across the city.”

A spokesman said: “Members of all parties agreed to allocate £4m to the transitional fund, which supports organisations in key sectors while they develop and implement sustainable financial models for the future.

“The Glasgow Communities Fund itself was heavily oversubscribed – but has now agreed grants totalling more than £47m to more than 270 organisations.”