A THUG who struck a man on the head with a bottle of Buckfast after being told to leave his flat accidently turned himself in.

Kieran McGuire, 25, turned on Gerry Myers at his property in Govan area last August.

Mr Myers was struck to his forehead and left trailing blood after McGuire refused to leave.

McGuire later told his project worker that he had “bottled someone”  and they contacted the police.

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McGuire pleaded guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to the assault to Mr Myer’s severe injury.

The court heard Mr Myers and his girlfriend were in the flat drinking before he left to go to the local shop.

He returned to find McGuire at the property unwelcome and an argument started between the pair.

Prosecutor Laura Bradley said: “Mr Myers said he didn't want him in his house.

“This escalated into the accused striking Mr Myers with a Buckfast bottle causing a three-inch wound to his forehead.

“The assault occurred at the main door to the flat.

“The bottle broke on impact and was left lying in the landing.”

McGuire went back inside while Mr Myers left trailing blood splatter back to the local shop.

Mr Myers told the staff member that he had been hit with the bottle and an ambulance was called.

McGuire later walked past the pair were Mr Myers pointed to him and said: “He did it.”

Mr Myers was taken to hospital but discharged himself before treatment could be done.

He later attended a police station in his hospital gown with the wound still bleeding.

McGuire meantime had called his project worker from the flat and requested they called a taxi for him.

Miss Bradley added: “He said he bottled someone and hurt them and the witness contacted the police to make them aware of the comments.”

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He later met his project worker at his home where he relayed events before going to his room.

Officers arrived and arrested McGuire.

Sentence was deferred until next month for background reports by Sheriff Ian Fleming.

McGuire, of Clydebank, had his bail for the matter continued meantime.