A TINDER date. Going for a jog. Watching Scotland play football. Finding a good Chinese takeaway.

What do they all have in common?

They all start off full of promise and good intentions but more often than not end up full of disappointment and regret.

When I first moved to Glasgow, I searched for months to find a good Chinese takeaway. Countless chow meins, fried rices and salt and chilli chips ended up wasted and in the bin.

Why is it so hard to find a good scran in a new city?

The only way I can compare my take out heartache is to when Stuart Armstrong didn’t just boot the ball up the pitch against England.

Now, growing up as a bam in the depths of Ayrshire, I wouldn’t say that I am particularly snobby when it comes to food, but why is it that when I try to find a new Chinese restaurant my palate changes from being buzzing that turkey twizzlers are back to MasterChef finalist?

I was venting my frustrations to my colleagues when my editor suggested Panda House in the South Side. I’ve been let down in the past and was sceptical. However, when I was offered my turn to do the takeaway review, I figured that I had nothing to lose – and boy have I been missing out.

Panda House’s menu was full of wonder and promise. I didn’t know what to get, so for the sake of the review I ordered a few different dishes (that’s my excuse).

We opted for veggie spring rolls to warm up the palette, beef chow mein, mixed vegetable Singapore curry, boiled rice, salt and chilli chips, and banana fritters.

When we opened the food, we fell silent. The look in my eyes looking down on my chow mein can only be compared to how people must feel when their child is born.

Love in its purest form.

I was very impressed.

The food was warm, not full of grease and the portions were huge. The chow mein was high-end restaurant quality and I now truly get the hype about Panda House.

There was only one small thing which let it down for me – the ‘hot and spicy’ curry was delicious but for those who love a bit of spice I’d recommend getting it extra hot.

I’m guilty of taking half a star off for this, however, as someone who enjoys spicy food I felt a little bit let down.

I’ll definitely be back for more and Panda House has a customer for life now.