THE number of children who are being home schooled across Glasgow has dropped - despite parents reporting fears of sending kids back to the classroom during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A Freedom of Information request revealed 145 pupils have been signed up to learn indoors for the 2020/21 academic year, compared to 150 in 2019/20.

Families across Glasgow were forced to take on the task of home school when lockdown was enforced back in March.

As previously reported, parents expressed concern about allowing their little ones to return to schools due to fears it could spark a second wave in the virus.

However, opposition councillors have warned the financial "demands" placed on families during the pandemic will have played a significant part in their decision - or ability - to continue home school their children.

Labour's Baillie Soryia Saddique said: "COVID-19 has been documented to have an impact on children and families, especially those living and working in areas of disadvantage.

"This has been known to include loss of income, change in normal routine like meeting family and friends or options on attending youth clubs.

"The pressure and demands on families are likely to impact their choices."

Education chiefs have been working to reassure parents and guardians the city's schools remain a safe and "nurturing environment" following the outbreak earlier this year.

It comes after the union NASWUT revealed teachers' concerns over the physical distancing policies in schools.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said: “Home schooling is always an option for our families and we will support parents and carers if this is something that they want to pursue.

“But, home schooling is not for everyone and our schools are nurturing and caring environments in which our children and young people can flourish.”