WHEN it comes to Hallowe’en, Oli Keenan pulls out all the stops.

For the past few years he has brought a touch of magical horror with his spooky settings and dramatic ideas.

From an uncanny performance as the Jack Nicholson character Jack Torrance in The Shining horror film to his social media hit with his terrifying impression of IT’s killer clown Pennywise from the cult movie, Oli has transformed his family home in Clydebank.

He had 21 million YouTube hits for the Pennywise video which shows just how popular the 24-year old actor is.

Hundreds of people turn out to see what he has planned year after year.

And while things might be a little different this year with coronavirus restrictions, Oli is still determined to put on a good show.

This year he is looking to Glasgow Times readers to provide him with inspiration for his next trick or treat spectacle and wants to hear your ideas.

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Oli revealed: “I’m attempting to plan something, but obviously at the minute it is proving difficult due to Covid restrictions and trying to organise something safe and fun. The original plan was to do something similar to last year but with a different theme, I’m just trying to adapt the idea and thinking of ways I can still do something for our local community on Hallowe’en.

“I know so many people look forward to what we do every year and it’s such a nice time to bring everyone together locally and whoever else wants to come. As always everything I do on Hallowe’en is totally free, we expect nothing in return and just want to ensure even during these tough times everyone gets one night of fun and scares!

“It would be great if people want to make a suggestion and I really do think it would be nice for all the people who can’t make it physically this year to still get a little Hallowe’en surprise.”

It is not yet known if household restrictions will still be in place around the time of Hallowe’en and whether children will be allowed to go out trick or treating.

This is partly why Oli hopes his spooky shows can still go ahead. Already people have suggested ideas to him including dressing up as Edward Scissorhands or Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series of films.

In 2018, Oli took on a special role for the Glasgow Times when he transformed himself into the Grinch to spread his own brand of Christmas misery to shoppers in Buchanan Street.

If you have any ideas on what Oli should do next, you can contact him on Facebook.