Glasgow’s live music scene is in need of urgent help to cope with closures during lockdown restrictions an MSP has said.

City music venues have been closed and bands unable to play due to the ban on music in pubs.

Johann Lamont, Glasgow Labour MSP, asked about financial help for those businesses who rely on live music and who support grassroots music in the city.

She said that the live music scene contributed millions of pounds to the city economy and thousands of jobs were dependent on it thriving.

She asked the Culture Secretary in the Scottish Parliament what financial support was available.

Fiona Hyslop, Culture Secretary said that there were funds available and that some businesses in Glasgow had already applied and been granted cash.

Ms Lamont said: “The industry has raised concerns about long term survival.

“Glasgow can’t afford to lose these venues. There are 16,000 jobs dependent on it.”

She asked what further support can be provided and asked if teh Scottish Government would work with the City Council and trade unions to ensure the relevant support was available.”

Ms Hyslop said the Scottish Government has been engaged with the council and businesses.

She said there had been 98 applications received for funds and 29 from venues in Glasgow.

The Cabinet Secretary said she was aware of the seriousness of the issue and it had been raised with her by Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council and others.

Shortly after lockdown was announced in March and all pubs and hospitality venues closed the Music Venue Trust warned the majority of small venues in the city could not be able to cope with a lengthy closure.

It had said dozens in the city had asked for help.