WELL done mate, that was fantastic, you make me feel guilty (Rangers fan Jim, 74, walks 26 miles for Erskine veterans, Thursday).

I can hardly walk 26ft, never mind 26 miles, and I’m no anywhere near your age, so again well done, and for a great organisation as well.

Where would our country be today without all our veterans? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

James Mooney
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Readers had their say after we asked on our Facebook page about introducing a 10pm curfew. Here’s a selection of the responses that we received...

I WONDER if my work will take that as an acceptable excuse to finish earlier than usual!

Kelly Stewart

GREAT for us taxi drivers. After 10pm will be like a morgue. House parties will then treble at weekends!

Brian Sloan

THIS will just create more house parties and I thought that was the big problem?

Audrey Rose

WHAT a pointless exercise. What difference will that make?

John Devlin

Glasgow Times: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

HOW long are people going to buy into this nonsense?

Colin Lamond

NEXT, Nicola Sturgeon will be asking us to text her once we’re home!

Kerrie Donaghy

WELL truth hurts, if teachers are being sent home to self isolate because they refuse to follow the guidelines then how can we expect our children to follow them when the people who are supposed to set an example aren’t (Apology issued by director of education after distressing email about teachers, Thursday)?

By not being sensible kids will potentially miss out because there’s not enough teachers to teach them.

Ann Primrose
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IT’S as simple as this – everyone  comes into contact with coronavirus. Some people develop symptoms, 95% of people don’t.

Glasgow Times: Maureen McKenna Maureen McKenna

Edward Martin
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IT’S a non-apology. She said she’s sorry for the distress caused but not the content. 
The content caused the distress therefore it’s a non-apology!

Margaret Hislop
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DOES Richard Leonard think people button up the back (Richard Leonard says SNP has let Glasgow down on jobs and NHS, Thursday)?

Labour ran Glasgow into the ground in order to fill their own pockets and alienated themselves from the people.

They have absolutely nothing to inspire people to vote for them again.

Ian Hart
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Glasgow Times: Richard Leonard Richard Leonard

IT’S a bit ironic that Richard Leonard and his party voted with the Tories and rejected a call to extend the furlough scheme. So, he has a strange way of supporting jobs and workers.

Andy Simpson
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IT was great to read that Oli Keenan is lining up another Hallowe’en spectacular (Costume expert appeals for help choosing treat for Hallowe’en, Thursday).

He was hilarious as the Grinch and I can’t wait to see his next creation.

Carrie Stevens

WHEN are school parents going to stop being selfish and blocking residents’ driveways during the school run?

Can they not let their bundles of joy walk to school instead of endangering lives with their reckless driving and selfish parking?

It’s time for the police to crack down on these selfish parents.

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